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Resources for Students

Using your roadmap takes just three steps: Exploration, Preparation, and Connection. Check out this wealth of practical information to help you chart a course to your career future.

Step 1 – My Potential Career Destination

Do you know what amazing career opportunities are available to you right here in your community? Do you know how your interests and abilities line up to careers? Do you know how much money you make in various careers?

Step 2 – How Do I Get There

Now that you have an idea of where you want to go, you will need to learn the skills that get you ready for career success. Do you just need to learn a specific career skill? Do you need to earn a two-year or four-year degree? You can get whatever you need with all of the help you’ll need here in your community.

High School:



Boosting Your STEM Skills:

There are a TON of programs where you can have fun and build your knowledge and skills in the valuable Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields.

  • NMSU works with our schools on a host of programs from robotics and digital media how scientific thinking can benefit you for the rest of your life:
  • If you are thinking about robotics or engineering, you may be interested in these programs:

Step 3 – More Help Along Your Journey

Do you need work now? Do you want to go to school and work? What about transportation or other supports?

To explore the Career Pathways for each of our county’s target industries, click here.