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Career pathways show you how to connect your educational choices – Career and Technical Education, Career Certifications, Two-Year Degrees, Four-Year Degrees and beyond – to work-based learning as you prepare for a host of careers in these 21st Century Industries. The pathways work both horizontally and vertically, showing you how far you need to go in your education and hands-on learning to be ready for the careers you want.

What Did We Learn Directly from Employers in the Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics that Make Up Our International Trade Industry?

Thanks to the input from a handful of the employers who comprise the International Trade industry of our county, we know much more about the kinds of jobs and careers are available to those who live here. Participating employers included:

  • Interceramic (Tile Manufacturer and Distributor)
  • SteriGenics (Healthcare Sterilization and Laboratory Services)
  • D.A., Inc. (Plastic Injection Product Supplier for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry)
  • Acme Mills (Distributor of Textiles primarily for the Automotive Industry and now Manufacturer/Distributor of Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Union Pacific (Nationwide Rail Distribution)
  • CN Wire (Copper Wire Manufacturer)
  • Glaz-Tech Industries (Wholesale Manufacturer and Supplier of Construction and Specialty Glass)
  • Rose Logistics, LLC (Logistics Brokers of Domestic and International Transportation Services)
  • Border Industrial Association

If you want to become part of the current and growing opportunities, following is more information about the needed skills, degrees, and previous work experience that they are looking for. For a full report, click here.

Following is a summary of the key findings from the survey.


Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics



What is the average annual income for most employees in your business/company?

Sixty percent of employers reported having difficulty finding well-qualified employees for a majority of their jobs. The Roundtable identified the hardest to fill jobs were:

  • A Lot of Jobs:
    • Machine Operators
    • Forklift Operators
  • Some or Very Few Jobs:
    • Material Handler
    • Machine Operator
    • Clerk
    • Supervisor
    • Team Leader
    • Diesel Mechanic
    • Diesel Electrician
    • Installation Technician
    • Sr. Electrical Technician

This industry also offers a number of jobs that don’t require post-secondary (college) credentials. Top jobs for high school diploma or equivalent were identified as:

  • Production Associate
  • Material Handler
  • Warehouse Operation
  • Office Administration
  • Train Crew
  • Track Laborer
  • Mechanical Service Operator
  • Utility Clerk
  • Forklift Operator/Driver
  • Clear
  • Machine Operator
  • Press Operators

Now that you know what you need, you can start your roadmap with the education and training providers to help you reach your career destination. Check out your roadmap here.